Everyone should have a website.

Not everyone needs a developer.

LattePress offers professional WordPress training focused on helping individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses launch their websites without paying expensive developer fees. We can help you learn the skills you need to take control of your own internet identity with an interactive learning system complete with videos, tutorials, community support, resources and social networking.

This isn’t just another WordPress video library though, we’ve built a complex logic-based application which will custom build a trainig program specifically tailored to your needs.

Save time and money so you can focus on what’s important: your business. The best part is, it’s absolutely free.


More than just WordPress videos.

LattePress is a interactive and intuitive learning system.

When we decided to build LattePress, we wanted to do something a little different. Instead of having a lot of generic training videos made for everyone, we wanted to give people the ability to get to the information they needed to build the site they need.

Our application asks you about the site you want, then uses this information to build a custom training video queue tailored to your needs. It also remembers the decisions you make (and allows you to change them later) so anything you add to your site in the future is updated to match the site you have, the host you use, and the functionality you’ve added.

Our training system isn’t just about WordPress, it’s about you.

Choosing a hosting company.

We’ll help you choose a new home, and help you move in.

There are a lot of great hosting companies out there, and a lot of terrible ones. LattePress will walk you through the different options and discuss the pros and cons of each type of hosting solution to find the one that matches your needs. We’ll show you how to choose a host, install WordPress, purchase a domain name, as well as show you how to setup a staging site and a live site so that you can continue to work and develop your site long after launch. When it’s time to launch your site, we’ll show you how to do that too!

We cover VPS (Virtual Private Servers), managed WordPress hosting and development environments.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting company.

Managed WordPress Hosting

A hosting company focused on creating a perfect setup and back-end for WordPress.

Development Environments

All the bells and whistles for creating and extending WordPress in a proper environment.

Choose your Functionality.

Your website should work for you, not against you.

LattePress has a large library of functionality to choose from. Once your base site is setup, you can use our functionality list interface to choose the functionality you need. We’ll help you go through the different options available for each and choose the one that’s best for you. Once you have, we’ll help you set it up properly and configure it to work on your site.

Just a few of the options

E-Commerce & Subscriptions

Setup an e-commerce storefront selling products, digital items, subscriptions or memberships.

Custom Content Types

CCT are the way you can build special content, such as classifieds, a job website and more.

User Forms

Setting up contact forms so you can hear feedback and interest from your visitors.

Photo Galleries

Easily manage and create photo galleries to show users your pictures.

Social Communities

Create social communities and groups for your niche market.

Multi-lingual Content

Offer your content in multiple languages with an easy translation interface.

Front-end Themes & Branding

If a tree falls in the forest…

Even though functionality is what “scares” people about building their website, the design is usually the thing that your users will notice first and most. With modern technology and themes and visual builders, you can now create gorgeous and attractive websites without coding knowledge.

We’ll help you pick out the theme that works best for your needs, all of which come with a visual builder. We’ll then walk you through using the builder so you can become comfortable building pages, blog posts and more.

Visual Front-End Builders

Easy to use drag-and drop visual builders make creating pages a breeze.

Helpful Community Resources

Each theme we cover has a fantastic community with a ton of free and paid resources.

Completely Responsive

Each theme we cover are fully mobile optimized and responsive.

Finalize and Launch.

Security. Speed. Performance. Marketing.

Once you’re ready to go, your site is beautiful and functionality running, we’ll walk you through the launch process. We cover creating stage and live sites, setting up proper back-ups, securing your website, running caching programs to increase performance, connecting your site through CDN (content delivery networks), installing SSL Certificates, integrating with Cloudflare and Google to have an all around ready to launch website.

Launch Process

Additional Options

We also offer a large one-off library where you can browse additional guides.

Host-Specific Launch

Your launch process is based off the host and specific functionality of your site.

Speed & Security

Speed & Security options (also host-based) are fully covered before your site launches.

SEO & Marketing

Google Analytics, webmaster tools and SEO plugins are also covered in our pre-launch guides.

Community Support & Networking

Little help from some like-minded people.

Entering into a training system and launching a website can be stressful, sometimes you can feel a bit lost. It’s also fun to share your successes with like-minded people going through the same thing! This is why we’ve built in a complete social community within LattePress. Learn and interact from others, ask questions and share site launches with business owners, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from around the world!

Social Features

Profiles & Activity

Share information about what you’re working on and what you’ve been up to, or check out other user’s profiles.

Follow / Following

Follow people who write interesting articles or are in industries you are interested in, or build a following of your own.

Notifications & Alerts

Get notified when someone interacts with your profile and keep up to date with what’s happening in the community.

Messaging & Chat

Interact with others by inbox messaging or direct chat, or if you’re feeling anti-social, disable them.

Community Forums

Interact with others, discuss themes and functionality or get help from the community.

Member Directory

Find others in similar industries, or potential networking partners, or just check out what other’s are building.

Badges & Achievements

Everyone loves awards. Get badges and awards for building your sites, completing lessons or interacting and helping others!

Community Q&A

Have a question? Get an answer. Our Q&A system allows for quick answers to quick questions, voted on by the community.