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What is LattePress?

LattePress is a free web-based training application that will walk you through the process of building a website. It is currently in its final development phase.

We also offer one-on-one (paid) training with WordPress experts and offer development services.

How is LattePress different then other tutorial sites?

LattePress provides an interactive learning system. During the learning process you will be able to input the functionality you want and LattePress will create a custom-tailored tutorial queue for your specific site.

We also take into consideration the hosting you select, your theme and other plugins you use and add any tutorials to your queue that you’ll need to make everything play nicely together.

How much does it cost to use LattePress?

Using the LattePress web app is now, and will always be completely free. We may add premium services later (though this is not currently planned) – however access to the training and application will always be free to all.

One-on-one training does have a cost but we’re willing to work with people on an individual basis so that cost is not preventative.

Are there any paid advertisements, banner or video ads or paid promotional content?

No, we don’t have any paid advertisements on our site in any way and have no plans to include this.

How does LattePress make a profit?

The goal of the LattePress app and tutorials is not to make a ton of money, but we do hope to cover our operating costs and create budget to add more content and to develop more functionality for the app.

During the course of your training you will choose hosting, plugins and themes based on your current requirements. Some of the companies who provide these products have affiliate programs, which we’ve taken advantage of.

Every plugin, host and theme we recommend we have used in our own WordPress websites for ourselves and for our clients and have heavily tested and reviewed and will NEVER include any options or resources that we do not use or have not thoroughly tested and approved. Whether a plugin or theme or service has an affiliate program is not part of the decision-making process when deciding what content to include in our system.

In addition the LattePress development team (previously Code Ninjas) has now been incorporated into LattePress in order to generate revenue to pay for the system and additional content.

Can I request Tutorials for themes, plugins or functionality I want?

Yes! We have both a sub-forum in our discussion forums and a private request form in the sidebar of the app for doing just that!

Can you add my theme or plugin to your tutorials?

We are open to consideration however your product will need to be thoroughly tested and reviewed.

We also like to see products be on the market for a bit to see how people react to it and see how user experience goes before including it, however we are open to new ideas and upstarts!

Contact us to request a review.

How much will building my website cost?

This depends completely on the site and functionality you want and the answer will be different for everyone.

You can build a site and purchase hosting for less than $100, and we also offer several free alternatives to the commercial options.

Commercial options have the benefit of including support from the product creators and usually have a higher shelf-life, however WordPress has amazing open-source developers who make amazing products available to the community for free, so in these cases free does not mean bad.

However, in most case, the cost of a website using our system will very rarely exceed a few hundred dollars.

Will LattePress teach me how to code?

We do cover some basic HTML and CSS in some of our more advanced tutorials, however we focus on building websites with WordPress without coding. For amazing tutorials in coding and development check out TeamTreeHouse.

If you’re interested primarily in learning how to code, they’re an amazing service for learning and you can use some of the money you saved building your site with LattePress to grab a subscription. When you’ve mastered WordPress and built your site with us you can also move on to PHP, HTML and JS coding.

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