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LattePress was built with the hope to become the number one free resource for learning to utilize WordPress to build websites. A place where everyone can learn how to build and manage their website and get one step closer to achieving their goals.

Our story.

In 2012, while working as Project Manager for my company Code Ninjas I began putting together the idea for LattePress. Often when discussing a client’s project and getting an idea of their requirements their budget didn’t match what was needed to hire a professional development team. This wasn’t because developers are “too expensive”, but that hiring a developer to build a simple WordPress website with plugins for functionality is like using a sledgehammer to kill a fly. Sure, it’ll get the job done, but was that really necessary?

I tried helping by recommending WordPress and sending them to various guides and tutorials around the web to get started. Unfortunately, when I would check back in with many of them they reported that while the information was useful, they found themselves getting lost in the content without a clear idea of how to move through the process to build their specific site.

They always had specific needs or requirements that differed from the guides and it was hard to combine the information into a clear path. When they ended going with a “cheaper” development company they often got scammed out of more money than they had expected to pay (or would have paid when hiring us) because without proper planning and details the quotes they received didn’t mean much and once they had already invested their budget they were forced into putting more and more money in to try to avoid losing the initial investment.

This was when I decided to start laying down the foundation of a system that would walk users step-by-step through site building, not just building a generic site though, but the specific site the user wanted. By programming in the logic that would understand a user’s requirements and combine the different tutorials they would need, and by making sure to include any additional information and guides required when combining different elements, I hoped to make a training system where not only would users learn how to build their website but by the end of their training they’d also have their website complete!

I worked on the plan on and off for a few years between projects with Code Ninjas, however, in 2015 I started to put a lot more focus and attention on finalizing the idea and getting started. I worked with our lead developer to finally build the system I wanted to give back to the community. Now, with the initial build and content of LattePress finished, we’re entering into our final development build and are planning to launch the system to the public for free. In the meantime, I will continue to spend my free time creating free tutorial videos and guides for all of our visitors.

I hope you’ll join me in this venture and allow us to help you build the website you need and once you’re a master, stick around and help newer members build their websites as well. If you’ve been waiting to build your website out of fear of costs, time or learning curves, start our tutorials today or sign up for the mailing list for the app. Remember to join us on Slack as my staff and I are available to answer your questions or guide you along absolutely free.

Dan Jordan
LattePress Community Manager

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