wordpress basics

Understanding the basics of WordPress operation and management. This series will walk you through the WordPress administration screens.

WordPress Basics

This series will walk you through the basics of WordPress administration screen by screen so you can begin being comfortable managing your new website.

1) WordPress Admin Layout & Home Screen

An overview of the general layout of the WordPress admin and the home screen.

2) WordPress Updates

How to keep WordPress core, themes and plugins up to date with one click.

3) Pages & Posts

An explanation and overview of the differences between pages and posts.

4) Creating & Managing Posts

How to create, edit and manage your posts using the WordPress editor.

5) Media & Comments

How to upload and manage media uploaded to your site and comments from users. 

6) Creating & Managing Pages

How to create, edit and manage your pages using the WordPress editor.

7) WordPress Themes

Installing and managing WordPress themes and theme options.

8) WordPress Widgets

Managing WordPress widgets and sidebars to display additional information.

9) WordPress Menus

Creating, editing and managing WordPress menus across your site.

10) WordPress Plugins

How to install, activate and manage WordPress plugins for functionality.

11) WordPress Users

How to create, manage and view user accounts registered on your site.

12) WordPress Settings

Configuring the various options that come with your WordPress site.

13) Initial Site Setup

The initial steps to setting up any WordPress website you begin working on.

WordPress Admin Layout & Home Screen

The WordPress admin interface has both a “back-end” view and a “Front-end” view so you have access to the admin tools no matter how you’re viewing your site. You can use the home screen as a splash page which will show you important and relevant information about your site and content.

Please watch the video below for an overview of the layout of the administration areas as well as how to use the Home screen.

Video Overview

The main WordPress dashboard layout is pretty straight-forward. You have a main navigation menu on the left hand side. A top bar which displays quick links to different functions or pages and a large work area.

The first page you’ll see upon logging into your WordPress dashboard is the home screen. The home screen provides several widgets (blocks of information) which can be turned on and off independently and serve to give you additional information about your website and content. You can move and organize these widgets to suit your needs and as you add additional plugins and functionality to your site you’ll have additional widgets available to you.

You can move and organize widgets by dragging and dropping the blocks. To enable or disable widgets click the “Screen Options” tab in the top right and check or uncheck the widgets you’d like to display or hide.

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