front-end design

These tutorials will walk you through the different options for front-end design and page builders, as well as show you how to build and manage your pages.

Frontend Design

This series will walk you through choosing and utilizing a front-end theme and page builder.

1) Choosing a frontend theme and builder.

Overview of available theme and builder options and comparison.

2) Divi Theme and Builder

A video series on the Divi theme and page builder.


3) Elementor & OceanWP

A complete walkthrough of the Elementor Page Builder and OceanWP.

Coming in June

Choosing a Front-End Theme.

One of the main reasons for WordPress’s wild success is the introduction of page builders and their integration into WordPress themes. It’s allowed those without graphic design or development skills to build their sites and put together beautiful and innovative websites without the technical barrier they would normally run into.

We’re going to focus on two of the best page builders and themes currently available:

  • Divi and the Divi Page Builder
  • Elementor and OceanWP (Coming in June)

We are finishing up our Elementor tutorial series so for now only have tutorials prepared for Divi. We will update these sections when the Elementor tutorials are complete.

First, we’re going to cover Divi which we believe is the best builder for the majority, if not all, of the users coming through LattePress. It’s a fantastic builder both for new and advanced users and you can use this tool from the beginning to the end of your WordPress experience.

Elegant Themes has been a cornerstone of the WordPress front-end for a very long time and has a solid reputation as a reliable company with top-quality products, and Divi is the next step in the evolution of the company. There are several reasons we believe Divi is the best tool on the market, specifically for new users to WordPress.

  • One of the largest content libraries (available content modules) compared to all other builders.
  • Amazing layouts and templates available to get you started, which can be implemented directly from within the builder.
  • Wonderful import and export system for templates which allows Divi users to shared and replicate great designs.
  • Easy to arrange, duplicate, disable and lock elements.
  • Global elements for content that is repeated on several pages, so you only have to update in one place and the change is implemented site-wide.
  • Divi has a default builder as well as a skeleton mode which makes rapidly prototyping pages and wireframes without distraction easy.
  • Tracks changes during a session, so you can immediately go back several changes to fix mistakes. Undo, redo and more.
  • Mobile responsive interface makes editing Divi pages on your tablet or mobile realistic.
  • A/B Testing comes standard within Divi for trying out different variations of a page.
  • With one subscription, get access to tons of other themes as well as great WordPress plugins.
  • And best of all, tons of video tutorials and documentation, both on their site, and available from within the builder itself!

There’s a ton more, but you get the idea. If you’re here hoping to use Elementor we’ll release those tutorials soon, but if you’re a new user with no predetermined preference, we absolutely recommend you start with Divi. Over your time with WordPress, it’s best to buy both,and you’ll have a favorite depending on the website you’re working with, but Divi is a great start for any website.

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