Wordpress forms

Forms can be used on your website in a variety of different ways. From simple contact forms to product order forms to complex and conditional applications and content submission.

Ninja Forms

This series will walk you through using Ninja Forms and WordPress to build your website’s forms.

1) Installation

Overview on how to install Ninja Forms for WordPress.

2) Creating Forms

Overview on how to create forms with Ninja forms and the available form fields.

3) Hidden Fields

How to create and utilize hidden fields in Ninja forms.

4) Calculating Fields

An overview on how to create product order forms as well as utilize calculations within forms.

5) Conditional Logic

An overview on how to use conditional logic to take actions based on field input.

6) Multi-Part Forms

An overview on how to create multi-step or multi-page forms in Ninja Forms.

7) Front-end Post Submission

An overview on how to use Ninja forms to allow users to publish content on your site.

8) File Upload Field

An overview on how to use the file upload field in Ninja Forms.

9) Ninja Forms Extensions

How to activate the variety of extensions that are available for Ninja Forms.

Multi-Part Forms

This video will guide you through creating multiple section or multiple page forms within Ninja Forms.

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