custom post types

Custom post types in WordPress allow you to create and format content specific to your website such as classified ads, job listings and much more.

Custom Post Types with Types Toolset

This series will walk you through CPT creation, front-end views and front-end CRED forms as well as access and permissions.

1) Installation and Setup

How to download, activate and setup the Types Toolset plugin suite.

2) Creating Custom Post Types

How to create custom post types and custom fields with Toolset.

3) Views for Front-end Display

How to create views to display your custom post types on the front-end.

4) Content Templates

How to create content templates to control how the single-view of your post types look.

5) CRED & Front-end Forms

How to create front-end forms available to users to they can submit and manage content on your site.

6) Views Filter & Search

How to add filters and search functionality to your front-end Views.

7) Google Maps Integration

Integrating Google Maps with your front-end Views and content templates.

8) User Content Management

How to setup “My Content” interfaces for users so they can manage the content they’ve submitted.

9) Access & Permissions

How to use the Access Plugin to manage permissions and access to content and submissions.

Creating Custom Post Types & Custom Fields.

It’s important to understand that the types toolset is an incredibly flexible and powerful suite of tools. The options are near unlimited, and you can build almost any content structure you’d like with a bit of planning and some time.

In our example, we’re going to create a restaurant directory, allow restaurant reviews, create filters, integrate our views with Google Maps and allow content to be submitted by our users. You can use this example and modify it to suit your needs.

It takes a bit of critical thinking, but once you get the hang of the types toolset it will become second nature and you’ll realize the full potential of utilizing the toolset on your data-based sites.

The video below covers creating custom post types, a custom taxonomy (category set), and creating custom fields for our restaurant post type.

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