If you’re a beta user of the LattePress app you already know that there’s been a ton of existing things happening over the past couple of weeks and now that we’ve launched our new marketing site we wanted to cover the current state of LattePress and where we’re heading over the next couple months.

The LattePress App

We’ve now completed our second beta test and have gotten a ton of tremendously helpful feedback from our users. We feel we have enough information and responses to enter into our next and final development phase.

As this will be the largest update to the system since our first testing we’ll be taking the current application offline to do a complete front and back-end revamp of the app.

In order to make sure that our current users and new visitors have access to our tutorial content we’ve updated the marketing site to include all of our tutorials and will continue to expand and improve our content library. We’ve also moved the blogs which were covering tutorial information into this library.

The newly updated app which we hope will be available before the end of the year, will have a completely revamped front-end user interface, updated functionality and easier access to support.

Our system was already GDPR compliant as we’ve always taken privacy and security of user data seriously (and we don’t collect any to begin with other than what’s needed to register and login to the system) but we’re also adding in easy tools to request and remove your personal data from the system.

LattePress Content

In addition, for the rest of the summer we’ll be updating the current video tutorials (available on YouTube and on this website under “Tutorials”) to ensure they’re compatible with the latest versions of the software we cover as well as adding in additional tutorial text and step by step instructions.

We’ll also be adding our tutorials for Social Community websites, membership websites, photo galleries and multilingual websites as well as adding in support and tutorials for the Elementor page builder in addition to Divi.

We’ll be adding in additional guides for Performance and Marketing including the WP-Rocket and PerfMatters plugins.

All of this content should be ready and published in September after we’ve relocated our office.


As Support is no longer available through the app – make sure to join us on our Slack channel where we’ll be answering questions and helping users absolutely free with their WordPress questions.

Join us on Slack

If you have any questions or comments on these changes or anything else please don’t hesitate to contact us!