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We feel that it’s important these days for everyone to have a good understanding of how to build and manage websites. Whether it be to improve your general skillset or build a site for your business. We believe everyone should have a website – but not everyone needs a developer.

Learn WordPress, custom tailored to your needs.

LattePress is a free to use web application currently in development which will custom-tailor website training based on the needs of the individual user.

The system, based on user input will build a curriculum based on the functionality, design and requirements of the specific website the user wants to build.

So not only will you learn how to use WordPress – by the end of your training you will have built your website!

The current version of the app that was available during beta is now offline for final development, you can however view all our tutorials by clicking “Tutorials” on the main menu and get support via Slack. If you’d like to be notified when LattePress goes live, click the button below.

Setup and Manage Multiple Websites.

Within the LattePress application, you can manage and work on multiple websites at once, all with their own individual custom-tailored training queues.

We cover registering your domain registration, choosing a WordPress hosting company and once you’ve chosen your new home, we’ll walk you through creating a staging environment and cover all the basics of managing a WordPress website.

Add Functionality to your Website.

LattePress has an expanding library to choose from, where users can mix and match the functionality they need for their websites requirements.

Whether it’s e-commerce, a social community, multilingual content or creating a membership website, we’ve got it covered. If the functionality you need isn’t in our system, you can request we add it!

We’ll offer you multiple options to choose from so you can decide which is best for your budget and needs. Our system also remembers and reacts to your decisions – so, if you have a multilingual site that also has user forms, the system will add tutorials on making your forms multilingual automatically.

Design your Pages & Content.

Once you’ve breezed through setting up the functionality of your website, the system will bring you through the world of design. Utilizing modern themes and front-end page-builders, beautiful and attractive websites can be made by even the most non-technical of users.

Our tutorials cover utilizing modern themes and front-end builders to create gorgeous and attractive websites without having to learn to code.

We’ll help you decide which is right for you and walk you through how to design your pages, content and site layouts.

Finalize and Launch.

Once your functionality is set and your pages are designed, we’ll walk you through the process of launching your website.

We cover creating secure and fast staging and live environments, setting up proper back-ups, connecting your site through a CDN (content delivery network), installing SSL Certificates, and integrating with Cloudflare and Google to get you started on your path to success.

We also include tutorials on security, performance and get you started with the best guides to market your website and optimize your content.

Community Support & Networking

It’s also fun to share your successes with like-minded people while you’re learning!

This is why we’ve built in a complete social community and support center within LattePress.

Learn and interact with others, ask questions and share site launches with business owners, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from around the world!

Having trouble with a certain tutorial? Get help direct from WordPress experts who populate our forums.

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